Contact Info

Our office representatives will be available to answer your questions at the following extensions:

Office Manager: (956) 425-8761 Ext. 216

To Schedule or Confirm an Appointment: (956) 425-8761 Ext. 201 or 202

For Billing inquiries: (956) 425-8761 Ext. 204

For questions regarding Medical Records: (956) 425-8761 Ext. 214

To Speak to a Nurse:(956) 425-8761. A message will be taken and the nurse will call you back.

To reach us after office hours:(956) 425-8761.

Our answering service will expedite your call to a nurse working for TeleNurse, Inc., who can assist you
with many of your concerns. One of our doctors is always on-call to assist with urgent matters. .